Drainage Solutions To Avoid Future Problems and Save Money

Drainage Solutions To Avoid Future Problems and Save Money 2018-07-04

As Oklahomans, we are all quite familiar with the extreme weather patterns that come to greet us so often throughout each season. Each of these different kinds of storms present different issues when it comes your home and yard's well being. Whether it be hail, wind, downpours, or snow these can each affect your home and yard in negative ways. Especially when it comes to snow and massive downpours. 

Just like we witnessed last week, several inches of rain can all come down within a very short time period and this can wreak havoc on your home and yard. This is why we advise our clients to address this problem before they really start having too much of an erosion issue. After the damage is done, it can be very costly to repair.  Between our drainage solutions and retaining wall services, we know exactly how to keep your yard draining properly and preventing it from any erosion and flooding.

Drainage goes hand in hand with retaining walls to prevent erosion on your valued property. As you probably know, water drainage issues can cause damage to many different aspects of your yard or home.

Insufficient drainage can cause:

- Foundation issues with your home
- Dead grass, shrubs, flowers, and trees
- Flooding in unwanted places, including your home
- Dirt to build up in unwanted places
- Mosquito infestations

If you have any questions regarding your retaining wall and drainage solutions, call (918) 402-9909.