No Such Thing as a Bad Backyard

No Such Thing as a Bad Backyard 2018-07-04

There are two types of backyards: those that are fantastic and those that have the potential to be fantastic.  So what makes a backyard so fantastic?  The key ingredients are functionality, personality and visuality.

Functional backyards means it must serve the purpose for which it was designed. Your backyard should be an extension of your home; an outdoor room.  In order for you to enjoy it, it MUST be functional.  It has to be easy to maintain according to your standards and obviously it needs to be designed to where you want to go out there.  You’ll want to have a conversational area for your family and guests.  If you don’t have large trees you’ll need some shade, whether it be a large umbrella or an extended roof over your patio. 

 Do you like to entertain?  An outdoor kitchen may be up your alley.  Do you like to relax after work with a glass of wine and a good book?  A comfy lounge chair next to a beautiful water feature can be the perfect tranquil location for that.  What if sports is your thing?  Create an area where you can chip a few golf balls or build a horseshoe pit.  What if you like to do all of that?  It can all be yours right in your very own backyard.  And it should be!  Let your personality show out there! 

For some people, gardening and landscaping come naturally.  For others, not so much.  This is where visuality comes in.  Landscaping and gardening is very personal.  Think about it as the jewelry of your yard.  Before putting together an idea, think of bone structure.  You may need to put in a drainage system before planting.  Retaining walls are visually pleasing and can also help with erosion problems.  Consult a professional with your ideas.  They can and will help you realize your vision.  They may even have some ideas you haven’t thought of.

Once again, your backyard is the “room” in your house that has the potential to become the centerpiece of the home.  Outdoor kitchens are very popular now and have become that transition from indoor living.  It’s the new gathering place to entertain.  Yes it can be an investment but you will get your money out of it if you have to sell your home.  Your backyard does not have to be big, it just needs to be functional, beautiful and desirable.  I promise, if you give your outdoor space a little love and attention you will use it 9-10 months out of the year.