Our Retaining Walls - Pros and Cons

Our Retaining Walls - Pros and Cons 2018-07-11

At Edgington Construction, we are proud to offer a variety of retaining walls, such as railroad tie, concrete block, stone boulder and masonry veneer walls. Retaining walls are walls created out of the materials above to resist the pressure of soil, usually built on a slope. Each has its own perks and work in specific environments and situations.

Railroad Ties are wooden timbers that have been pressure treated. They make excellent walls for gardens. Railroad Ties are cheaper than other retaining walls, quick to install and durable, however, after some time, they will need to be replaced. If you are looking for a retaining wall that is durable and will last a chunk of time, consider Concrete Block Wall. Concrete Block Wall is a unique type of wall that is strong and gets stronger as time passes. Another plus is that it is fireproof, rotproof and rustproof. It looks presentable with no extra effort on your part. Though Concrete Block Wall has several positive aspects, there are also some negatives. Because of this wall’s durability, it can be difficult to install and remove. This is a wall that should be built by experienced professionals.

Stone Boulder Walls are created by using stone boulders that are thoughtfully stacked and arranged. This type of wall is special because it is environmental friendly. It can give a natural, scenic look to your home. The large boulders used to make this wall allow for more durability. This is an affordable option that will give you the luxury of variety. With a Stone Boulder Wall, you must make sure to have enough space for its construction. Masonry Veneer is the high end of retaining walls. It allows for variety and flexibility. Masonry Veneer stones are lightweight and very durable when installed correctly. It is recommended to get this type of wall installed by a professional. If installed improperly, it can cause damage.

Here at Edgington Construction, we are experienced professionals and can build the retaining wall you desire.